About the museum

Museum manager: Markus Lindberg
markus.klostermuseet (at) telia.com
Tel: +46 (0) 73-8550031

We also have summer employees and guides. They can be contacted through the museum.

The museum is managed by the non-profit association Birgittastiftelsen (The Birgitta Foundation). Its members are found everywhere in Sweden and even abroad. The aim of Birgittastiftelsen is to spread the word about Saint Birgitta’s life and work as well as to look after the buildings in the convent area In addition to managing the museum, it also supports and publishes research papers.

Birgittastiftelsen was founded in 1920 when the first plans to move the hospital from the convent area were drafted. Great concern arose that the cultural assets of the convent area would be destroyed. From the 1930’s until today, Birgittastiftelsen has been engaged in renovations and making the convent area more accessible.
Solbritt Benneth is the chairman of the foundation.

Every year, the Saint Birgitta’s award is given to a Saint Birgitta scholar.

The museum is funded via visitors, grant applications and donations. It does not receive any public contributions.

The museum is quality-certified via Swedish welcome. The certification covers hosting, interpretation, accessibility, signs, cleaning etc.

Environmental info
The museum is environmentally-certified via Swedish welcome. The certification covers energy use, eco-labelled cleaning and office products, HR policy, recycling etc.

Continuous security work takes place at the museum, including security equipment monitoring, free evacuation routes and personnel training.

Current Research
The convent buildings, Saint Birgitta and the Bridgettine Order are objects of interest for researchers in many parts of the world.
Currently there are research projects dealing with
The buildings
The roof trusses

The museum is a member of Societas Birgitta Europa. A network for places with Birgittine monasterys.